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The power of extension

power of extension Jerome Doncieux & Pierre Doncieux

Media is in constant evolution. Media sources become brands. Brands become media sources. The common factor of success: strong editorial production and editorial content or, as we call it, editorializing. Successful editorializing is based on a few key factors: effective strategy, strong positioning, a central pledge, high function, and the ability to add value, plus innovative technology and the relevance of the used medium, which lead to RESULTS. No longer are 30-second advertising films or simple elevator pitches adequate, businesses today need much more: an extension of editorial capacities. Headlines that make consumers want to read, articles that respond to currently buzzing topics, and content that keeps readers engaged; these are the drivers of engagement and reflect editorial-based strategies. These strengths, or powers, as we prefer to call them, are what lead to results.

“Advertising is a sprint, editorial is a marathon”

The power of extension works. The Washington post overtook the New York Times thanks to Jeff Bezos’ massive investment in editorial, technology and market innovation. “Net à Porter” turned itself into a recognized source of information on fashion, and subsequently become a star of e-commerce. Red Bull turned itself into a press agency. Facebook has become a news source. Further proof of the impact of editorial, our clients see strong ROE, Returns on Editorialization. Since launching its own internationally distributed magazine on Paris, Paris Worldwide, Paris Aéroport is able to a directly engage with tourists; recent polls show a satisfaction rating of 93%. Thanks to a new regionally-adapted section in its magazines, ELLE has strengthened its audience, its subscription rates and its advertising revenues. Editorial is welcome advertising, appreciated by the consumer, allowing it to withstand ad blockers and have increased impact. To editorialize is to analyze a situation, to strongly express a point of view, to convince by generating conversation, to use technology to get your message heard, and, ultimately, to become a leader. We are Your Editorializer because we have the multifaceted approach you need to become a leader in your market. We offer advice, create engaging content, accompany you in your activation stage, help you develop technology and work with you on distribution to increase your Return on Editorialization (ROE). We bring you the best teams, the finest methodologies, and the sharpest technologies available to media and brands, all while keeping ethics central to our practice. There is value to be gained, but it requires risks. We are willing to take those risks with you.

“Editorializing is Strategic, Efficient and Safe.”

Strategic, because ideas are the basis of everything. Efficient, because media and brands must move quickly to follow the speed of the evolving competition and consumption rates. Safe, because your image, your reputation and your activity depend on it; this cannot be jeopardized. Share in the joys of life, be a source of ideas, create motion, innovation and results; Editorialize. We create this unique possibility for you by bringing you our expertise, paired with the powerful network of Publicis Groupe, and the journalistic expertise of Agence France Presse (AFP). Count on Publicis, a high-performing network of communications agencies with an annual sales revenue of 9,6 billion euros, 77,000 employees in 108 countries, and continued business development initiatives, like the financing of 90 start-ups on the occasion of its 90th anniversary. Depend on the journalistic know-how of the AFP, who invented the concept of press agencies in 1835, and consists of 2,260 collaborators, representing 80 nationalities, which are spread across their 200 offices in 150 countries. Trust Relaxnews, Your Editorializer, to amplify your power of editorial extension and the potential of your brand. Become an editorial leader. We’re ready when you are.

Self Service

Your "Self-service" editorializer

Want to manage your editorial strategy and test the power of extension by yourself?

Discover the Relaxnews platform: Your ultimate ready-to-use tool, providing you with trend data, editorial content and publication services.

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Self Service


Scan the editorializer dashboard

Scan the web, see what’s trending and schedule your editorial production at a glance with the Relaxnews platform Radar

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Self Service


Explore the editorializer dashboard

Draw your inspiration from the Relaxnews platform Reader, a real time content aggregator of 10,000 selected sources, collecting around 20,000 articles per day.

Browse through AFP Relaxnews articles, slideshows and videos; around 100 ready-to-use pieces of content per day produced by in-house French and English native journalists.

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Self Service


Start editorializing !

Using the articles or information you gather from the Relaxnews platform, create articles directly from the editing section on the Relaxnews platform. Write your own article previews for publication on your social networks or use the preformatted text offered via the platform.

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Fully Managed

Your "Fully managed" editorializer

Don’t have time to implement and manage an editorial strategy yourself ?

Not to worry, we are Your Editorializer! Let us handle your content extension plan, from editorial strategy and content production/implementation to technology.

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Fully Managed


Editorial strategy

Our journalistic know-how combined with our ongoing collaboration with leading media outlets has allowed us to develop a strong expertise in online and offline editorial strategies: magazine and webzine design, content restructuration, brand content projects, digital shifts and more.

We organize events, workshops and training sessions to provide our clients with an array of strategic tools.

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Fully Managed


Editorial production

Our in-house team of journalists can create unique bespoke content (text, images, videos, infographics, ideographics, cartoons, etc) on any topic and for any support (print, web, mobile, digital signage...).

Call on us whether you need to outsource your production on a regular basis or for a special issue. We handle local projects as well as national and international ones.

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Fully Managed


Editorial activation

We can put together a team of content experts (recruitment, training andmanagement of journalists, community managers, web designers, video editors, etc.) exclusively dedicated to your needs in order to boost your content production and help you save time.

We can also manage your social media presence, from editorial strategy to content writing, publication and data reports.

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Fully Managed


Editorial technology

Our teams of developers and data analysts can set up your own personalized content platform: your topics, your content, your sources and colors...

Use it as a brand newsroom, as an internal communication tool, as a content hub to feed your owned media channels...

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About us

We are your editorializer

We are a news agency. We are members of the Online News Association (ONA), the International Press and Telecom Council (IPTC) and the Fédération Française des Agences de Presse (FFAP).

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